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Blotting Paper

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DHC Blotting Paper oil-absorbing sheets mattify your complexion and make cosmetic touch-ups a breeze. Conveniently packaged in an attractive, take-anywhere box, keep one in your purse, desk drawer and make-up bag for a shine-free face at a moment's notice. Made with 100% all-natural hemp fibers.


…light DHC Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Cream face moisturiser fights fine lines and other signs of ageing with a fast-absorbing formula featuring nourishing botanicals and platinum and silver particles that hydrate and condition. * Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Cream: 45 g * Blotting Paper: 100 Sheets


…helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots with ultra-hydrating botanicals, including antioxidant–rich olive leaf extract and brightening mulberry, in a silky serum powered by both nature and science. * Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Milky Essence: 80 ml * Blotting Paper: 100 Sheets

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